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Volume 6  Issue 7

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Duncan Miller Glassware

The Boston and Sandwich Glass Company, originally known as the Sandwich Manufacturing Company, was incorporated in April, 1826. Deming Jarves was the founder until 1858.
It was established in Sandwich, Massachusetts. It was known for first producing a method for pressing glass, which was a stepping stone to the manufacture of "lacy" glass. It was
produced until approximately 1840. Several types of other glass was produced, some of which were cut, colored, snakeskin, hobnail, and opalescent. Deming Jarves left in 1858,
where he was the founder of the Cape Cod Glass Company.

Due to competition in the American glass industry, lower quality glass products were produced. The development of lime glass, which is a non-flint glass, enabled the company to
produce a lower cost product. Free-blown and blown and molded glass products, mostly in color, were also produced. In 1888 the plant was closed due to a wage dispute between
the workers and the company.

In 1907, the Alton Manufacturing Company purchased and refurbished the building. It produced and specialized in lighting fixtures. James H. Grady, an ex-Tiffany glassblower
and former Sandwich resident, produced a line of iridescent art glass for the Boston Sandwich Glass Company called Trevaise. Trevaise was only produced for one year. Due to
financial problems, the plant closed in 1908.

Several companies began producing sandwich glass. They were Anchor Hocking, Indiana Glass Company, and Duncan & Miller Glass Company.

The Hocking Company, later known as Anchor Hocking Corporation was in production from 1939-1964. The Sandwich Glass pattern was made in crystal and Desert Gold, 1961-1964;
Forest Green, 1956-1960's; pink, 1939-1940; Royal Ruby, 1938-1939; and white/ivory, 1957-1960.

Indiana Glass Company of Dunkirk, Indiana produced from the 1920's to the 1980's. The pattern was made in crystal, late 1920's to 1980's; amber, late 1920's to 1980's; milk white,
mid 1950's; teal blue, 1950's to 1960's; red, 1933 to early 1970's; smoky blue, 1976-1977; green, late 1960's and 1970's.

Duncan & Miller Glass Company of Washington, Pa. was in production from 1924 to 1955. It made the pattern in crystal with limited production in amber, cobalt blue, green, pink, and
red. The molds were then sold to Lancaster Colony, which produces some of the glassware in the Sandwich Glass pattern. However, the colors are brighter and are called amberina, blue,
and green.


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