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Volume 4  Issue 11




Thanksgiving always brings to mind family and a grand dinner with everyone together. For some reason, Thanksgiving, being between Halloween and Christmas, has been the "stepchild" of the
holiday decorating season. In my opinion, it should be right up there with Christmas.

Sarah Hale, launched a campaign that helped make Thanksgiving an official national holiday. Sarah Hale is also known for "Mary Had a Little Lamb". Until Abraham Lincoln's Thanksgiving
Proclamation of 1863, it was only recognized by individual States. The first State was New York. Massachusetts held its annual Thanksgiving Day on the last Thursday of November. Thanksgiving
to this day is held on the last Thursday of the November.

There are several types of collectibles attributed to Thanksgiving. Some of which are pilgrims, Native Americans (once known as Indians), pumpkins, turkeys, Indian corn, and cornucopias. They
can be found in all venues; salt & pepper shakers, baskets, floral arrangements, platters, dinnerware, napkins, postcards, greeting cards, and figurines. Prices can range from just a few dollars and
up; the platters usually being the most expensive.

The postcard is not usually highly collected. The cards are not very colorful; they tend to have muted colors and the designs are not very interesting. There are some that are projection cards. They
feature small diecut pieces that project from the cards. There are also some that are called "Hold to Light" cards and mechanicals. They are more collectible. Very few cards from the Thanksgiving
holiday sell for more than $20 each.

Another collectible that might be considered are the Native American baskets. They can be used on the dinner table with an appropriate holiday arrangement. One of those baskets is called the "Apache
Burden Basket". It was used to carry objects, as cooking pots, to serve on, and as water jugs. They were made of strips of cottonwood, willow, mulberry and devil's claw bush. They were then
decorated with buckskin and tin cone jingles. Authentic Native American baskets are scarce, therefore, are usually quite expensive.


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