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Vol. 2 Issue 1

There is very little published about Brockway Glass. It is known mainly for its making of drinking glasses with promotional themes or glass company logos. Some are colorful; some not.
These glasses were not considered collectible until just in the recent past. They can be very attractive and fun to collect and still fairly inexpensive.

I have been unable to determine the beginning of production for Brockway Glass. But, I do know that it pre-dates 1964. In 1964 Brockway purchased six Hazel-Atlas Glass factories as
part of a lawsuit settlement. Then, in 1972 it bought the Clarksburg Hazel-Atlas plant to produce Hazel-Ware. In 1977 the Clarksburg plant was sold to Anchor Hocking. Sometime during
that period; there is a conflict of information. A pattern named "Concord" was produced. It was documented that it was made between 1972 - 1977. It was made to reproduce the look of
Early American Sandwich Glass. There were many pieces to this set; glasses, soup bowls, egg plates, bowls, and a chip and dip bowl, to name a few. I was also told that this was used
as a promotion for DUZ detergent in the 1960's. Hence, the conflict. I do know that it was definitely made during the 1972-1977 period, but have not been able to verify the 1960's DUZ
promotion. The pieces were available in amber and clear.

I realize that I have not been able to produce much information on Brockway Glass. It seems that there is not much out there. But, I will continue to research Brockway Glass and as I
find more information, I will do an update.


The only reference I can find as to what the mark of Brockway Glass is is their logo, which is a "B".


Glass Bottle Marks
A very nice seller on the eBay "Glass, Pottery, & Porcelain Forum". She went out of her way to post a picture of a set, with the original box, she personally owns. eBay auctions for
Brockway Glass

The next Nancy's Collectibles Newsletter will feature Delft Porcelain!

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