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Volume 5  Issue 3




Paden City Pottery was founded in 1914 in West Virginia. In the beginning it manufactured semi-porcelain dinnerware. In the 1930's, it produced kitchenware. Paden City Pottery exhibited a souvenir
salad bowl at the 1938-1939 World's Fair. They closed their doors in 1953.

One of the more popular lines for collectors is called "Caliente". It was a solid color dinnerware that was popular in the thirties and forties. The shape was simple with shell-like finials, handles, and
feet. Unfortunately, it did not sell well, as the Art Deco designs were more desirable during that time.


Blue Willow(1937)
The Blue Willow design was embossed into the body of the piece and glazed it in a deep blue so that the design shows through. There were only seven different items made. It was sold as a breakfast or
luncheon set, which included six of each: cups, saucers, dinner, salad, and cereal. One each of a bowl and platter was included.

This shape had shell finials and feet. It had decal decorations of Hollyhock(red, blue, and yellow hollyhocks next to a yellow picket fence), Iris(one large iris), Paden Garden(rows of red blue, and
yellow flowers with green and black leaves in gray pots on pink and black shelves), Sun Ray(flowers and leaves in a red and black cross-stitch), and Wisteria. Caliente was sold by Montgomery Ward.

It was designed by Russel Wright and was produced for a short time. Several pieces were made in "Snow Glass" and are extremely rare.

It was made in six colors: Blueberry, Citron, Green, Nutmeg, Pepper, and White. White replaced Snow Glass.

No description available

New Virginia(1940)
No description available

It had a square shape with an embossed rim

It is decal-decorated, with some pieces in Caliente colors.

Sally Paden(1934)
It has periodic squares of embossed crosshatching that band the rim and encircle the body. It is very similar to W.S. George's "Del Rio".

Shell Crest(mid 1937)
It was decorated in bright solid colors and pastel solid colors of Azure, Celadon, Cream, and Rose. The shakers are mostly found in pastel colors. The candle holders seem to be made in Caliente colors only.

You will find decals of Cornflower(a spray of cornflowers), Cottage Shelf(bric-a-brac on shelves), Good Earth(a farmer plowing), Nasturtium, Patio(1938-pottery and a single red flower next to a doorway or
under an awning), Petit Point(a rose bouquet), Rosetta(a rose among other flowers), Spinning Wheel(a woma at a spinning wheel), Studio(pottery and flowers, similar to Patio, but without the doorway),
Thisteldown(a spray of thistles), and Village (houses and trees).

First introduced in 1936. In 1938, about 6 months after the introduction of Shell Crest, it was brought out on the Bak-Serv ware.

Colors included: Tangerine Red, Turquoise Green, Sapphire Blue, and Lemon Yellow.

The most frequently found decorations are underglaze decals that resemble hand painting. They are sometimes mistaken for Blue Ridge.

Some are known as: Cosmos, Jonquil, Miniver Rose, Morning Glory, Nasturtium, Poppy, and Strawberry.

It was originally called "Bilmer". Within a few months the name was changed to "Virginia".

The colors were pastels and included: Powder Blue, Celadon Green, Dusty Rose, and Straw Yellow.

This line was distributed exclusively by the Great Northern Products Company of Chicago. Not much of it has been found. It is decal decorated. In 1938, Caliente colors were added. A teapot was added
in 1930 and was decorated in marbleized iridescent colors of green or yellow.


Highlight - Bears the name of the distributor, Justin Tharaud.
Manhattan - "Manhattan PCP Co."
Papoco - "Papoco"
Regina - "Regina PCP Co."
Sally Paden - "Sally Paden P.C.P. Co."
Shell Crest - The mark is in the shape of a shell with two spellings "Shell Crest" or "Shell Krest".
Caliente - "Caliente Made in U.S.A."
Shenandoah - "Paden City Pottery Made in U.S.A. Underglaze" Sometimes the pattern name is present.
Bak-Serv - "Paden BakServ", An oval with "Good Housekeeping Institute " encircled by "Oven Proof Bak-Serv, P.C.P. Co., Made in U.S.A.", and Bak-Serv, Guaranteed, Oven-Proof, P.C.P. Co.".

To view some of the patterns by Paden City Pottery
Pottery Patterns


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