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Vol. 1 Issue 8

The Hall China Company was previously known as East Liverpool Pottery Company. In 1901, an attempt to
merge with four other companies failed. In 1903 Robert Hall, who had been a director of East Liverpool
China Co. bought the company and renamed it Hall China Company. It continued making the same porcelain
and toiletware the East Liverpool Pottery Company had produced.

In 1904, Robert Hall died and his son, Robert Taggert Hall continued the company. His goal was to produce
a one-fire process in which the body and glaze are fired at the same time. This process was used in making
vitrified china. It was a long lost process from the Ming Dynasty (A.D. 1368-1644)in China. During the
period of experimentation, the plant continued to produce toilet sets, jugs, mugs, and other whiteware. In
1910 vandals did over $3,000 in damage to equipment. Fortunately, Hall was not discouraged; only more
determined to complete his goal. Finally, in 1911 his long lost process was again "found". This process, is
still used today by Hall China in the production of hotel and restaurantware.

Gold-decorated teapots were made and sold for retail in 1920. Each year new shapes and colors were added
until 1948; which made them the largest manufacturer of teapots in the world. The manufacture of the gold-
decorated teapot was such a success that all three plants were at their producing capacity. In 1923, Hall
earned the title of "The World's Largest Manufacturer of Fireproof Cooking China in the World".

Decal-decorated kitchenware and dinnerware was introduced in 1931. In the late 1930's to early 1940's, refri-
gerator ware was introduced. These were known to be given away with the purchase of a new refrigerator.

Almost all of Hall's lines of semi-porcelain and vitreous ware are collectible. Among those are teapots,
kitchenware, decal-decorated pieces, and refrigerator ware.

The "Autumn Leaf" line is especially sought after. The partnership of Hall China and the Jewel Tea Company dates
from the early to mid-1920's. Teapots were offered as premiums to customers. The "Autumn Leaf" pattern, known as
"Jewel Tea", appeared in the 1930's and is still today one of the most collectible of Hall China patterns offered
to the public. The "Morning Glory" pattern appeared in the 1940's, but was never as successful as "Autumn Leaf".
Another pattern, "Cameo Rose", was produced in the 1950's and has just become popular among collectors. Another
first for Hall China is the production of the pattern "Blue Blossom/Blue Garden"(1939). It is a silk-screened decal
on a cobalt blue glaze. This was said to be the first time that cobalt blue had been successfully used in vitrified

The Hall China Company is still in production today. It mainly produces for institutional and commercial customers.
Although production has ceased since 1978 of the China patterns, special pieces for National Autumn Leaf Collectors
Club and for a private company, China Specialties have been produced since and are sought after by collectors.


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