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Volume 4  Issue 2




Doulton Pottery was founded in 1815 by John Doulton located in Lambeth, England at the Doulton & Watts pottery. Initially, it was known for its salt-glazed industrial stoneware. Later,
its production was expanded to hand-decorated stoneware such as figurines, vases, dinnerware, and flasks. In 1854 John Watts retired and the name was changed to Doulton and Company.

In 1878, Pinder Bourne & Co. in Burslem, England was purchased by John Doulton's son, Sir Henry Doulton. In 1882, the companies were changed to Doulton & Co., Ltd. In 1884, deco-
rated porcelain was added to the production . After 1902, Royal Doulton is the name used on Doulton and Company pottery to the present.

Many types of glazes and decorative effects have been developed. Some of them are Faience, Impasto, Silicon, Chine, Carrara, Marqueterie, and Rouge Flambe. Rouge Flambe (Veined Sung) is
highly glazed and strong-colored which is noted for the fine modeling and exquisite colorings, especiallly in the animal items. The process used to produce these vibrant colors is a Doulton

The Burslem plants produced most of the porcelain figurines from 1890 to 1978. A new line of figurines was introduced in 1979.

Pieces, known as Dickensware, were produced in 1908. They were characters taken from Dickens' novels. This line was stopped in 1940, except for the plates, which were continued until 1974.

A popular line are the character jugs. This is a 20th century revival of the early Toby models. They were designed by Charles J. Noke for Doulton in the 1930's. The character jugs are bust
portraits, while the toby jugs are full figured. Character jugs come in four sizes(large, 5-1/4" - 7"; small, 3-1/4" - 4"; miniature, 2-1/4" - 2-1/2"; and tiny, 1-1/4") and depict characters
from Shakespeare, Dickens, and other English and American novelists, as well as some historical heroes.

Another popular line are the bird and animal figures. They were made in full size and in miniatures. Popular domestics breed animals rather than the generic are valued higher.

Kingsware was a brown-glazed line that was decorated with drinking scenes. It was produced from 1899-1946. The Gibson Girl series was a line of collector plates. There were twenty-four plates
in all. They were made from 1901 until the 1940's and were designed by Charles Dana Gibson. They were blue and white with scenes that depicted a day in the life of "The Widow and Her Friends".
The Bunnykins series is another popular series that is being made to this day since 1933. The most desirable from this series are the earliest pieces signed by the artist, Barbara Vernon. Value
ranges from $60.00-$120.00.

Production of stoneware ceased in Lambeth in 1956. Production of porcelain in Burslem continues today.

Prices for Royal Doulton pieces can be found from under $100.00 to thousands of dollars.


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