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Vol. 1 Issue 4

The Acme Pottery Company was in production from 1903-1905. Acme Pottery specialized in
semi-porcelain dinnerware. It was acquired in 1907 by Addis E. Hull. Addis E. Hull founded
Hull Pottery in 1905 in Zanesville, Ohio. Until 1907 it specialized in stoneware. A line
of artware, florist pots, kitchenware, tiles, and a full line of stoneware was produced
by 1920.

After the stock market crash of 1929, production of tiles was the emphasis. In the mid to
late 30's, the matte pastel finish in the art pottery was growing and continued until the
1950's, when the plant was destroyed by a flood. A fire was started by the kilns exploding
caused by the water.

The plant was rebuilt with more modern equipment. When it was discovered the matte glaze
could not be duplicated with the newer equipment, concentration on high gloss lines, figural
planters, novelties, banks, and dinnerware was produced in the late 1950's and 1960's.

Through the 1940's their floral artware flooded the market. This was due to the restrictions
of imports. Their lines included the matte glaze and high gloss. One of the most successful
pieces was the Red Riding Hood cookie jar, patented in 1943. It was designed by Louise Bauer.
It was discovered later that most of these pieces were produced by Regal China, not Hull. None
the less, it was credited and sold by Hull. It was such a success, that an entire line was
produced, which consisted of figural kitchenware and novelty items. They continued to be pro-
duced until the 1950's.

By the mid 1970's dinnerware and floristware was the mainstay of the company. The company
closed in 1985.


Early marks consists of a capital "H" in either a circle or a diamond impressed. The word "Hull",
"Hull Art", or "Hull Ware" with "USA" in block letters or script, with the shape number and size,
either raised or impressed, was the later marks.


There are some Mexican cookie jars that are being produced that closely resemble Hull's. They are
slightly smaller in size and height. Also, gold decals are being added and refired.


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