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Volume 5  Issue 11




Bottles can be traced as far back as the lst century. The ancient Egyptians were the first known producers of perfume bottles. They made them from alabaster and stone.
Some were made from clay in figurals of people or animals. Perfume was a very important part of their preparation of their dead. Glass bottles have been dated to the
15th century. Some large bottles have been found in Palestine in tombs. The Romans used hollowed out precious stones to hold their more valuable perfumes. They preferred
blown glass for their various types of other bottles they used. If you were to find a bottle from that period, it could be in any shape, size, or color.

Perfume bottles were produced in Europe from the late 16th century on. The use of perfume was very popular, hence beautifully made decorated bottles were produced to hold
it. Many types of containers were used to hold perfumes. Some were made to be worn, some to sit on a table, some to carry in their pocket or purse. Earrings containing
fabric soaked in perfume were worn. Some containers were made to be hung from a belt, around the neck, or in a finger ring. Some of the well-known producers was Steigel
in 1770, Boston and Sandwich in the early 19th century, and Rene' Lalique at the turn of the century. Later, he designed bottles for the Coty Perfume Company; a different
design for each Coty fragrance.

There are several different types of perfume bottles; the atomizer, scent bottles, cologne bottles, perfume bottle, and vinaigrette.

The atomizer is a perfume bottle with a spray mechanism.
Cologne bottles are usually larger and have stoppers, which may also be used as applicators.
A perfume bottle that often has an elongated stopper that is designed to be used as an applicator.
Scent bottles are small bottles that are used to hold a small amount of a scent of smelling salts.
A vinaigrette is an ornamental bottle or box that has holes in the top and is used to hold aromatic
vinegar or smelling salts. Ladies of the late 18th and 19th century carried them in their purses or
inside their gloves in case they had a fainting spell.

Commercial perfume bottles is another area that is becoming quite popular to collect. Their values are based on whether they are sealed or full, whether it has its original
label, and if it is in its original box.

To view some examples of antique perfume bottles:

Antique Perfume Bottles


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