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Volume 4  Issue 12




The game of marbles is probably one of the oldest games played. It has been known to be played as long as 3000 years ago. Marbles have been found in the tombs of the Egyptians.
Archeologists have found marbles in Mexico and in some areas of the United States dating as far back as 100 BC. Painter Pieter Brueghel shows children playing marbles in 1560.
Engraved marbles have been found in earthen mounds built by early North American Indians. Marbles, have been made from many different type of substances: clay, bone, polished
nuts, fruit pits, glass, stone, china, pottery, steel and, of course, marble.

Marbles began to be mass produced in the 19th century and are still being produced today. There are some that are producing fakes or reproductions and selling them as old or antique,
in order to sell them for an inflated price. Some marbles are worth no more than $.50 and some as much as $200.00. Price depends on rarity, color placement, and type. There are comic
character marbles that range in price of $60.00 to $80.00. A Betty Boop can be worth as much as $150.00 each.

Marbles are currently made from pieces of broken glass. They are shoveled into a machine that crushes them into bits that will eventually be melted down into marbles. Some of the glass
used is scrap sold from manufacturers of decorative glass items such as bowls and goblets. To see how they are actually made Click Here

Condition, as in any type of collectible, is very important. A marble that is in mint condition, although very rare, can be worth three to five times more than one that is in near-mint
condition. One that is in good condition, that has chips or cracks, will be worth half or less than a near-mint. A marble that has been polished will be worth about the same as one in
"good" condition.

To view some examples of the many types of marbles: Click Here

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