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Vol. 3 Issue 2

Vandor was founded in 1957 by Ted Vandorn. He is considered one of the pioneers of the gift industry. Vandor operated out of Salt Lake City, Utah. Vandor is known for its varied products which are sometimes considered irreverant and/or creative. It has a very loyal following among collectors. Since being purchased by The Lyon Company in 1994, it is now known as Vandor By Design. It has continued to produce its irreverant collectibles and gifts which in- cludes cookie jars, music globes, frames, lamps, musicals, collector tins, and much more. There are a number of Betty Boop products. Vandorn was partial to Betty Boop and was doing Betty in the seventies. They also have a kitchenware line which is designed around "Cowmen Mooranda" (a takeoff of Carmen Miranda) and "Crocagator" (a crocodile modeled as a teapot, a bank, salt and pepper shakers, etc.). Vandor specializes in doing nostalgia. Their runs of collectibles are usually limited to 2400-3600 pieces; rarely over 4800 pieces. Since their items are not available everywhere, it makes them more desirable and collectible. Its jars are made of a material called dolomite, which is a mixture of porcelain and ceramic. It has more value than ceramic, but less than porcelain. Dolomite contains marble dust, which is also in porcelain. Some of their cookie jars are also made from a combination of resin and ceramic. They have many character cookie jars that have to be approved and licensed by the individual or the heirs/estate of the individual. Some of the hardest to do were Elvis Presley and Lucille Ball because of the approvals that had to be made by the families. There is a Beatles line, which has to be approved by each and every living Beatle or living heir. Every aspect of the jar has to be approved. There are many times a design has to be resculpted before approval. It takes approximately one year from concept to actual production.

Some of the pieces include (not all are cookie jars): Cat in the Hat Horton 1Fish 2Fish Lone Ranger Roy Rogers Beatles Luci Elvis Presley Wonderwoman Batman Betty Boop Flintstones Howdy Doody Jetsons Popeye and Olive Oyl RESOURCES: Vandor By Design Collectibles with Barbara Crews - "A Chat with Lois Hall of Vandor, A Lyon Company" Garage Sale & Flea Market Annual - Third Edition

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