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Vol. 1 Issue 10

Pfaltzgraff Pottery is the oldest family-owned pottery company continuously producing in America. It operates in Pennsylvania with several outlet stores nationwide. It is believed to have been initially a manufacturer of redware. It began under the name of Pfaltzgraff in 1811 and was changed to Pfaltzgraff Pottery in 1896. It began producing stoneware crocks and jugs, yelloware, and spongeware in the 1920's. From 1931-1937, art pottery was produced and kitchenware was introduced in the 1930's and continued through the 1940's. Pfaltzgraff Pottery is known for their dinnerware line "Gourmet"(1950's). It consisted of several pieces and colors. The original "Gourmet" was Gourmet Oven Ware. It was also called "Provincial Gourmet". It had several serving and baking pieces and was brought out in 1940. It was unglazed on the outside with a brown glaze on the inside and on the lids. In 1948, the "Gourmet" line had several new additions; "Gourmet Copenhagen" (which included Copenhagen Stone Blue and Danish Stone, a light color. Most pieces were blue; some lidded pieces had blue lids and light bottoms), Gourmet a la Francaise"(Alberian Charcoal Brown and Tangier Tan; most pieces were brown, a few tan, lidded pieces had brown lids and tan bottoms.), and "Gourmet Snowflake"(blue snowflakes on a light body). The brown drip glaze was introduced in the 1950's and was originally called "Gourmet Royale", but later was called "Gourmet". It is a high gloss line of solid brown with a white drip glaze around the rims. A giftware line called "Muggsy" is a collection of character mugs, ashtrays, children's dishes, cookie jars, etc. that are highly collectible. It was designed in the late 1940's until 1960. The older versions can easily be distinguished by their protruding features. The new versions are painted on. Another line that is becoming increasingly popular is "Village". It is an almond-glazed pattern with a brown stenciled folk-art tulip design. It was recently discontinued. The "Yorktowne" and "Folk Art" lines are still being produced, but in a limited assortment. "Yorktowne" is a collection of authentic 19th century reproductions. It has a gray background with a blue flower. Some pieces were made with lettering, eagles, tulips, and numbers. "Folk Art" has a sandy brown background with a dark blue flower design. Some have a bird design. Discontinued pieces are also becoming collectible. The kitchenware line was introduced in the late 1930's. The Ceramex line can be identified by incised lines that encircle each piece. It began being manufactured in the 1940's. Various colors were initially used. The colors were in gloss glazes and included aqua, blue, green, wine, and yellow. Later, pastel blue, colonial blue, chartreuse, gray, forest green, and peach were added. Pfaltzgraff Pottery is still in production manufacturing china and earthenware. MARKS The Keystone and the Castle marks are the most common of the marks. They are usually engraved, but can be stamped also. The castle mark is based on an actual castle in Germany. It was built in the 14th century for the purpose of levying tolls on the Rhein. For more information on the Pfaltzgraff marks Pfaltzgraff Marks For information on patterns, Pfaltzgraff Patterns and Pfaltzgraff Patterns REFERENCES: "Official Price Guide to Pottery and Porcelain" - 8th Edition - Harvey Duke "Garage Sale and Flea Market Annual" - 3rd Edition "Schroeder's Antiques Price Guide" - 18th Edition 2000 "My Pfaltzgraff Collection American Originals"website


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