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Volume 7  Issue 9

Jadeite has become one of the more popular types of collectible glassware in the past few years. It was produced by several different companies over the
years covering the 1940's through 1965. Some of the companies have been McKee, Jeannette Glass, and many of Anchor Hocking's FireKing lines were available
in Jadeite.

It was one of the lesser expensive types of glassware. For many years Jadeite was produced for the home as dinnerware, the restaurant, and kitchenware.

Some of it found today, a few rare pieces, can be fairly expensive, but most is still quite affordable.

The following patterns can be found in Jadeite:

Anchor Hocking
  Miss America - 1935-1938
Fire King
  Alice - 1940's
  Charm - 1950-1954
Restaurantware - 1950-1956
Jane Ray - 1945-1963
Swirl - 1960's

Jeannette Glass Company
Poinsettia 1931-1935

McKee Glass Company
Laurel - 1930's
Lincoln Inn - 1920's

ALERT!! Due to the popularity of jadite and the desire for "rare and unusual"
items a large industry of reproduction and "fantasy" items are being produced.
Listings of them as "Fire-King" or as "Rare" on eBay and other sites, are being
made by some unscrupulous dealers. They imply that these items are "antique" or

Always check the background, the reputation, and the feedback of any dealer
before investing in items such as these. Know what you are buying.

To view some examples of these reproductions or "fantasy" items: Click Here

To view examples of Real FireKing Jadeite: Jadeite Examples


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Official Price Guide To Glassware-First Edition by Mark Pickvet
Warman's Depression Glass-2nd Edition by Ellen T. Shroy
Real Or Repro

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