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Tom Clark Gnomes Toys & Dolls
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Tom Clark Gnome - Red, Whitey, and Old Blue

These three little fellows love cowboys, rodeos and horse races. Like all horselovers, they enjoy hanging around the stables. Their Irish coin depicts a horse, in honor of the Irish Sweepstakes. If you’re fond of gnomes, this statue will bring you the luck of the Irish when you play the horses. These three, however, are truly American, and their names describe the colors of the American flag. Red, whose red beard reflects his Irish heritage, is sitting behind his friends. He’s holding a miniature nickel, for placing a “small” bet. He’s hoping for a “big” return--a nickel the size of the one behind him. Whitey, sitting in the saddle, has a white beard and wears tra- ditional gnome colors. Jockeys, like gnomes, are small in stature. But gnomes are so small that even two can sit together on this miniature Western saddle. Old Blue is an ol’ cowhand from the Wild West. He thinks that his arrow- head, from Colorado, might have been carved by the Indian on his miniature nickel. Behind Old Blue is a large Indian head nickel, but don’t try to toss this statue to make heads (the Indian) or tails (on the buffalo) of it. Red, Whitey and Old Blue couldn’t find a horse tiny enough for their saddle, so they’ve saddled up this little barrel. If you read its label, you’ll know that they’re having more fun than a barrel of monkeys. There’s a single kernel of corn by Old Blue, for those collectors who find this story just a little bit corny.

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