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Tom Clark Gnomes Toys & Dolls
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Tom Clark Gnome - Monty

Monty is named for Monte Carlo, home of the Monaco Grand Prix, which was first run in 1929. Once a year, the curving, seafront roads of this principality are turned into a race course. In 1933, the Monaco Grand Prix was the first race to assign starting positions based on practice times, rather than the usual method of drawing them out of a hat. Monty thinks he's be safer driving in the race than going to the gambling casinos, and to make sure, he using a lifesaver for his steering wheel. You can tell from Monty's hat that he's going fast, and the look on his face says that he thinks he's going to win. Monty has an Italian coin because he's driving a 1967 Ferrari 330-P4. There's a convenient "pit" stop right behind him. the hood ornaments are protected by acorns. Monty and his friend Indy are the first two members of the race car driver series. The racers can be placed side by side, but like Dem and Rep, only one can be in front at the finish line.

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