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International Resourcing Santa - Joulupukki - Lapland

It comes as no surprise that the way-up-North Laplander Santa, Joulupukki, arrives on snowshoes, his trusty reindeer at his side! Both the Laplanders and the Fins share the same holiday traditions and beliefs. And with a few minor exceptions, they are quite similar to those celebrated by North Amer- icans at Christmas. Joulupukki has a team of elves who assist him, and they are called Joulutonttuja. Alll year long, these trusy elves toil creating toys in a special workshop. But they also have a unique, year-round assignment; they spy on good boys and girls to find out what these youngsters would most like to have for Christmas. Instead of a home base at the North Pole, Laplanders believe that Joulupukki lives happily right in their own coun- tryside, surrounded by reindeer and lots of snow. Since reindeer abound in Lapland, it only makes sense that they would help pull Joulupukki's sleigh on Christmas Eve. In addition to their love for Joulupukki and all his traditions, folks of Laplander descent enjoy a number of other holiday treats--just as do all Finnish people. Making gingerbread cookies and houses has been a favorite pasttime in the region since the 1400's. Beloved season decorations include advent calendars, tulips and poinsettias. The Laplanders and Fins enjoy eating pickled herring at Christmas, and drinking a special concoction call "glogg", which combines red wine, spices and raisins. BACK-LIMITED EDITIONS


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