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Volume 6  Issue 2




Coca Cola was founded in 1886 by a pharmacist by the name of Dr. J. S. Pemberton of Atlanta, Georgia. It was a patented medicine to relieve headaches, stomach disorders, and other minor maladies.

The formula was sold to Asa G. Candler in 1888 due to failing health and meager finances of Mr. Pemberton. Mr. Candler improved the formula, increased the advertising, and improved the distribution. An accident of mixing the syrup with carbonated water instead of still water resulted in a more pleasant tasting, refreshing drink. This was the beginning of the drink we know today and a never-ending variety of items as collectibles.

By 1890, Mr. Candler realized that it would be more suitable as a soft drink and began advertising it as such. The term "Coke" was first used in advertising in 1941. The shaped bottle was registered as a trademark on April 12, 1960.

There are a myriad of collectibles and many at extremely high prices. Since there are so many and at high prices there are also many reproductions and fantasy items being produced.

Some of the reproductions are: 1924, 1925, and 1935 calenders, pocket mirrors, trays, tip trays, knives, cartons, bottles, clocks, and trade cards. Recently, an 18" brass button, a 24" brass bottle-shaped thermometer, cast-iron toys, bottle-shaped door pulls, Yes Girl posters, a 12" "button" sign(with one round hole), a rectangular paperweight, and a 1949-style cooler radio.

Fantasy items have also been made. Fantasy items are those that were never produced as an original. Some of them are belt buckles, glass door knobs with an etched trademark, bottle-shaped knives, pocketknives(supposedly from the 1933 World's Fair), a metal letter opener stamped "Coca Cola 5¢", a cardboard sign with the 1911 lady with fur(9" x 11"), and celluloid vanity pieces.

During its 100th anniversary, many new items were produced with the "100th Anniversary" logo. Many of these are already collectibles and are bringing high prices.

There are many Coca Cola materials printed in different languages. Coca Cola is distributed worldwide. Don't forget they are collectibles, as well!

In 1970, Coca Cola began a refurbishing of its image by introducing the "Dynamic Contour" logo of the twisting white ribbon under Coca Cola and Coke trademarks. This is considered by collectors as a cut-off point between the "original" Coca Cola collectibles and the newer collectibles. The newer collectibles are often relished by collectors who cannot afford the "vintage" Coca Cola collectibles.


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