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Volume 4  Issue 6




Fire King is the trade name of a heat resistant glassware manufactured by Anchor Hocking Glass Company. Anchor Hocking was located in Lancaster, Ohio. A known fact, Fire King can withstand high temperatures during cooking without breakage. Kitchenware, dinnerware, and restaurantware was produced from the early 40's through the 70's.

The pattern "Philbe" was intrduced in 1937 by the Hocking Company. After the Great Depression, Hocking merged with Anchor to become Anchor Hocking Glass Company. A large number of Fire King products in a wide variety of styles can be found today. A new collector has a large selection to choose from for fairly inexpensive prices


Two of the most popular colors are "Peach Lustre" and "Jadeite". Anchor Hocking made a variety of colors, which are listed below:

   (late 1950's) - Turguoise
   (1950's) - Azurite - light opaque blue


Forest Green(1950-1957) - Dark Green (identical to "Charm" in shape) - popular for Christmas season along with "Royal Ruby". Anchor was the only manufacturer who named it as a pattern.

Royal Ruby(1938-1970's)- Dark Red (identical to "Charm" in shape)
Sunrise(early 1950's) - red trim on Ivory White
Golden Anniversary(1955-1963) - 22k gold on Ivory White Swirl
Golden Shell(1963-late 1970's) - 22k gold trim on white scalloped "Swirl"


Bubble(1930's-1960's) - Maybe called "Provincial" or "Bull's Eye" - Can be found in every color.

Charm(1950-1954) - rounded off square plates or saucers. Colors: azurite blue, forest green, jadeite, and royal ruby.

Alice(early 1940's)
  White - sometimes found trimmed in light blue or red.
      Cups - given away in boxes of Mother's Oats
      Plates(scarce) - Had to be purchased

Laurel Leaf(early 1950's)

  Peach - light marigold carnival-type glass; iridescent - plentiful and less
  Grey(1952-1963) - scarce - light opaque grey
  White with decals(late 1950's-1960's) - bowl sets, range shakers, grease jars
  decorated with bold designs and colors:

       Honeysuckle(1958-1960)- decal on white
       Jane Ray(1940's-1960's)- light opaque jade color with lined edges, ivory(rare),
       Game Birds(1959-1962) - ducks, geese, and pheasants
       Fleurette((1958-1960)- white with floral decal
       Primrose(1960-1962) - doubled for oven and table use. The cups, plates, and
          bowls were marked "heat proof".
       Wheat(1962-late 1960's) - decal on white

Restaurantware(early 1950's)

It was designed for restaurants or mass-feeding establishments. They were advertised as "heat resistant", "sanitary", "rugged", "stain resistant", "inexpensive", and "colorful". Unfortunately, they did not sell well and were in production for only a few years.


The ovenware was made in many of the same colors and designs as the dinnerware. The Philbe line was the most extensive and is the most popular today. It was made in Sapphire Blue, which is clear glass with a blue tint.
Some of the colors and/or patterns for the ovenware are:

Blue Mosaic(1960's) - cream with decoration - limited production, not as popular
Swirl(1950's-1980's)- colors included: pink trimmed in dark pink or red, blue, white trimmed in gold or dark yellow, ivory trimmed in gold or dark yellow, and jadeite.
Wheat(1960's) - white with wheat decal
Turquoise blue(late 1950's)- fairly common. opaque pattern. The batter bowl with spout and 10" plate are rare. Relish and egg plate are trimmed in gold.


To view some examples of Anchor Hocking Fire King Glassware: Fire King Net


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