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Volume 5  Issue 6




For the music box and antique collectors who are creative and love arts and crafts, making a music box of their own can be fairly easy and great fun. Here are simple directions to make an exquisite music box called "Peter Cottontail". These unique directions are from Sharon Ganske's book, "Making Marvelous Music Boxes".

Material Needed

For the Base, Including Music Box Accessories:
Round chipboard box, 2-1/4" high and 5" diameter
Square of wood, 2-1/2" X  2-1/2" X 1/2" thick
18-note key-wind musical movement, including a magnetic swing arm Key extender, 3/8"
T-bar winding key, 3/4"
4 wooden beads, 1/2"

Decorative Accessories for Music Box

3 prepainted resin bunny figurines, 2"
Prepainted resin Easter tree, 3-1/2"
Round beveled mirror, 5" diameter
1/2" -wide pink braided net ribbon, 16"
5" wide floral-print ribbon, 24"

Acrylic Paint Colors

Medium pink

Adhesive and Spray Sealer:

Hot glue sticks
Industrial strength glue
Tacky glue
Tacky glue, thin-bodied
Matte spray sealer

Tools and Brushes

Drill with 1/4" drill bit
Glue gun
Old paintbrush

Once you have gathered all of the above materials, it is time to start making your music box. Here are the directions to assemble it.

Step One: prepare the chipboard box. Since these boxes are sometimes flimsy, they must be reinforced with by placing hot glue around the inside bottom edge of the box (side and bottom) and them allowing it to harden. Next, just apply a heavy layer of Tacky glue to the inside sides of the box and let them dry.

Step Two: using a paintbrush, paint box and lid with the ivory acrylic paint. Paint the beads with medium pink.

Step Three: Cut one strip from the net ribbon, 15-3/4" X 2-3/4", and one 4-1/2" circle. Using the thin-bodied Tacky glue, laminate net ribbon strip to side of box, lining up top edge. Cut small notches to side of box, lining up top edge. Cut small notches in 1/2" overhang, laminating to box bottom and making sure it is flat and smooth. Centering, laminate 4-1/2" circle to box bottom.

Step Four: Using your industrial strength glue, glue square of wood to inside center front of box bottom to which musical movement will be glued. Allow to dry.

Step Five: To mark the hole position for the winding-key shaft, place musical movement inside box at front center (seam is at back). Draw a line around the musical movement. Remove musical movement and place a dot of paint on winding-key shaft. Press the musical movement, winding-key shaft side down, back in the box. Remove the musical movement and drill a 1/4" hole in box, centering winding-key shaft in the hole.

Step Six: Using the industrial strength glue, glue beads, evenly space, to the bottom of the box for legs. Glue the musical movement into the box, centering the winding-key shaft in the hole.

Step Seven: Using Tacky glue, glue the lid on the box. Glue the braided trim to the side of lid. Glue the magnet that comes with the musical movement to the bottom of the bunny that has been chosen to dance and twirl. Allow to dry.

Step eight: Wind the wind key extender onto the winding key. Wind the wind key extender onto the winding-key shaft so music can play. Place a bunny with magnet on top of the mirror. Place the tree at the center back of box and remaining bunnies on each side of the tree. Move the tree and bunnies so the dancing bunny does not bump into them. When they are in the right position, glue them on with a small amount of industrial-strength glue. Make sure excess glue does not seep from under the figurines and onto the mirror.

Making music boxes does not have to be difficult. With a little creativity and imagination, the music box and antique collector can create their own collection!

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